As workforces become more diverse and the Women’s Movement continues to raise awareness, companies are facing unanticipated challenges. Men are increasingly uncertain interacting with female colleagues. Mentorship gaps for women are on the rise. And the shared humanity that is vital to healthy, productive cultures is taking a serious hit.   


With a series of diagnostic tools and targeted training, Enlightened Inclusion™ brings modern solutions to the issues of today’s corporate cultures. Our development programs recalibrate team dynamics to transform gender polarization into partnership, position employees to bring their personal best and offer mentorship that increases leadership skills and ensures all people are receiving equal opportunity to professional growth. 


Setting the stage for companies to evolve with the changing times, this training guides cultures to balance gender inequality and roots diversity and inclusion deeper into the company's DNA where it can become a success strategy rather than simply a hiring policy.


A growing number of professional men are uncomfortable mentoring, traveling or interacting one on one with women in the workplace. And women, in turn, are struggling from a lack of professional development and access to key decision makers.


Professional gender equality includes equal access to mentorship. This female focused mentorship program supports companies in the professional development of women.



Building a diverse workforce in meaningful and successful ways requires understanding that, while often paired together, there is a difference between diversity and inclusion. Diversity is a hiring strategy. Inclusion is a cultural strategy.


We live in changing times. And change

can be messy. The increase in

activism and awareness that has lead to  

safer, more representative corporate

 cultures is a positive thing. But the

resulting uncertainty and polarization that

has arisen among the people working

within those cultures is not.