60% of men report they are uncomfortable working with women. That's a 32% increase in one year. 

-Leanin.org / SurveyMonkey

The growing polarization between professional  men and women threatens not only the success of individuals but the overall success of companies. 


With Harvard Business Review reporting executives estimate the potential lost value from people 


problems at more than $52.5 million per year per organization, the stakes of ensuring your culture can effectively collaborate is critical. Coaching and developing your workforce at the human level to minimize the current uncertainty and build strong working relationships is the solution.


Through a proprietary Gender Rebrand™ process, the current operating system between men and women is given an upgrade. Like any professional rebrand, the strategy is to reposition the way people regard something. In this case, rather than a business or a product, the repositioning is of a mindset. 

The exclusive process is designed to lead professional men and women out of polarization and back into partnership. Along with creating a more positive and productive cultural  mindset, a step-by-step process guides teams into a new set of shared agreements and implements a series of strategies that set the stage for more collaborative interaction where everyone feels safe and comfortable in each other's company.   


Objectives include instilling clear boundaries for interacting, traveling and socializing at professionally sponsored events as well as developing a merit-based system of operation that allows all members of the culture to rise above labels and focus on contributions. 

Service Options Include:

  • Diagnostic Assessment of Current Culture

  • Half and full-day onsite training

  • HR training for continued implementation

  • One-on-one executive coaching

  • Ongoing virtual or onsite development

For more information or pricing structure, please connect via the link below. 


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