In my 20 years on the global branding and business stage, I've learned that smart, strategic positioning is everything. Without it, a game changing idea can crash and burn before it ever really has a chance to take off.

From that expert vantage point, its clear to me that many corporate cultures are not positioning themselves for success. While great strides are being made in diversity and inclusion initiatives on the hiring front, there is a lack of developmental support within organizations when it comes to ensuring their increasingly diverse workforces are able to optimally work together.  



A brand's greatest resource will always be its human resource. The diverse set of perspectives, passions and strengths we each bring through our various ethnicities, genders, ages and orientations are a goldmine. It's individuality that holds the potential to make us stronger collectively. Which is why it is so essential that new levels of support and creative problem

solving be implemented on the human, cultural level of companies and organizations. Successful inclusion is not simply a matter of policy. Beyond placement, a spirit of partnership must be fostered within the ranks to ensure diverse cultures are cohesive and collaborative and all the people within them are set up for success.

 To move the needle of diversity and inclusion forward, tolerance is not enough. We need togetherness. A new way to regard, respect and interact with one another.  We are people first and employees second. And the more of our humanity we bring into our professional endeavors, the better we will connect, collaborate and succeed. Men and women have to learn to work side by side without fear or trepidation. Generations must find a way to respect what both the old and the young bring to the table and enrich themselves in the process. And every person of ever diverse background needs to feel their unique voice and skill set are valued.  It's time that what we look like on the outside take second seat to what we have to offer on the inside. And how we identify personally should have no bearing on our ability to express ourselves professionally. ​

This company is dedicated to creating this level of inclusivity and understanding for all people within the professional arena. Ultimately, we are all on the same team. Team Humanity. It's time we all get on the same page of the playbook. 

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Polarization is increasing between genders as well as generations, and it is undermining outstanding inclusion initiatives and threatening profit and productivity on multiple levels.