The number of male managers uncomfortable mentoring women has more than tripled. 



The inadvertent backlash from the activism surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace is threatening to undermine the diversity initiatives focused on leveling the playing field for women. 

Professional gender equality includes equal access to mentorship. This female-focused leadership development and training supports companies in the professional development of women throughout the ranks, from entry level to executives.

With a focus on developing female talent on four critical pillars required to level the playing field of


success, programs strategically guide and position women to identify and leverage hidden core strengths, professionally interact with teammates in a way that rises above gender differences, lead and manage with clarity and confidence, and outline and act upon key steps required to reach their next level of professional success. With clear cut objectives of increasing confidence, strengthening communication skills, improving performance and instilling a broad range of leadership skills, this innovative development platform fills the mentorship gap that exists for women in today’s corporate cultures.


If you are ready to support gender equality in your corporate culture and commit to developing female talent in order to bring the greatest level of impact and contribution into your organization, set up a discovery call to determine next steps.

Training options include:

  • Half and full-day onsite training with option for quarterly followup

  • Continuing Whisper Courses

  • One-on-one executive leadership coaching

  • Ongoing virtual or onsite development

For more information or pricing structure, please connect via the link below. 


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